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Knowledge management in software development process: a framework to support MSMEs

Diana Patricia Salazar Montes, Luz Adriana Cárdenas Gaviria, Oscar Hernan Franco Bedoya


—Knowledge management in software development processes is a field of software engineering that has been studying at present in order to apply it in achieving improved software processes and thus on product quality finally, the problem with this is that the studies have focused mainly on large companies, thus neglecting the micro, small and medium enterprises MSMEs looking to improve in order to stay competitive and stay in the market today.. The overall objective of the research is to propose a framework for managing knowledge in the processes of software development of MSMEs and consider this framework to create conceptual and computational tools to support improved development processes software. Computational tool as a web portal that allows knowledge management aims to: improve time to Attend. (ie, the time it takes to be assigned to a person an error found), the time to solve (ie, the time it takes to be an effective solution to the problem) and the time to learn (ie, time spent on learn a new functionality) This site is also a source of motivation for people to learn and share knowledge, improve the quality of information found for decision making, monitoring the process of software development implemented or adapted by the company, improving product quality and ultimately improve the management of the intangible asset so that it can classify and distribute the knowledge gained.

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Conocimiento, Desing science, Gestión del conocimiento, Ingeniería de software, MiPyMEs, Mejora de procesos, Procesos de desarrollo de software.

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