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An evaluation of heuristic rules for operating room scheduling in environments with limited resources

Carolina Saavedra Moreno, Fabián Castaño


This paper studies the adoption of simple rules of thumb for scheduling surgeries in a health care institution with limited availability of specialized personnel. Discrete events systems simulation is used with the goal of identify the one that is the most appropriate to be used to improve opportunity and operating room theatres utilization. It is also studied the use of dedicated operating blocks, that are used only to allocate most demanded surgeries, and it is demonstrated that this strategy might be able to improve systems performance when combined with an appropriate dispatching rule. Results suggest that this is because, compared to the current situation, the effect of pressures on the negotiation with the outsourced personnel is reduced.

Palabras clave

Programación de cirugías, Programación por bloques, Reglas de prioridad, Simulación

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