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Natural interfaces in robotics: a review

Manuel Sanin Benavides Piamba, Manuel Sanin Benavides Piamba, Oscar Andrés Vivas Albán


This article reviews the use of the Natural User Interfaces (NUI) starting with the study of the devices that allow its use and are more common in the market and research. Subsequently, it is look for some work developed to manipulate industrial robots and allow users to perform concrete and complex jobs that put them at risk. Finally, a review of the wide applications that the NUI have in medicine from the assistance in the operating rooms until the rehabilitation is made. It is understood that the study in this field is current and can be of great help to several users in several applications, especially those that generate a social impact.

Palabras clave

Asistente quirúrgico, interfaces naturales de usuario, Kinect, Leap Motion, rehabilitación, robótica

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