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Characterization of design and development of products in Colombia. A reference for industry and Academy

Carlos Andrés Pérez Tristancho, Nubia Edith Cárdenas Zabala


The article presents the characterization of the design and development of products in some departments of engineering of companies representative of the Colombian industry. The methodology included document review, design of an information instrument, validation by experts, pilot testing, formal application of the instrument, and the processing and analysis of information. The results show a reference characterization for other industries and include an analysis focused on the teaching of the design, so they provide information relevant to the processes of curricular renewal, to the extent that the proposed recommendations are considered and adopted in the engineering curricula

Palabras clave

diseño en ingeniería; diseño en la industria; diseño y desarrollo de productos; enseñanza del diseño; metodologías de diseño; renovación curricular en ingeniería

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