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Graphical interface development for the position control of a 3RRR planar parallel manipulator

Luis Carlos Burbano Castillo, Roger Peregrino Trullo Daza, Giancarlo Daraviña Peña, Héctor Fabio Quintero Riaza


This paper presents the development of a graphical
interface implemented in a 3-RRR planar parallel manipulator.
The graphical interface allows the control, in open loop, of the
position of the manipulator, allowing to locate in the plane the end
actuator and define its pose. The graphical interface allows the
visualization of variables such as angular position, torque, voltage
of the servomotors that drive the input links. The theoretical and
real comparison of the angular displacement and the torque in the
motors during the chosen path is shown, obtaining very close
results between both.

Palabras clave

Parallel manipulator, graphical interface, path.

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