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Artificial Neural Networks Applicable to Estimate Solar Radiation to Calculate the Reliability Charge in Photovoltaic Plants

Valentina Triviño Castañeda, Andres Escobar Mejía, Henry Giovanny Valdes Jaramillo


The Comisión de Energía y Gas (CREG) published in 2016 the guidelines to calculate the reliability charge for solar plants. The methodology indicates that in order to calculate the base load power for the reliability charge, it is required ten years of information with solar radiation and ambient temperature. In Colombia there is not such information, thus it is required to use strategies to estimate the required information from available data. In this paper Artificial Neutral Networks are used to estimate solar radiation considering ambient temperature, relative humidity and month of the year

Palabras clave

Cargo por confiabilidad; energia firme; plantas solares fotovoltaicas

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