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Low cost spectrum monitoring system based on Dragonboard 410C and RTL-SDR 2832U dongle

HECTOR IVAN REYES MONCAYO, Leidy Alexandra Sarmiento Ortiz, Victor Manuel Martínez Cuervo


As the radio spectrum gets scarcer, monitoring its usage levels and patterns becomes an important tool to implement technological and regulatory measures to manage this resource more efficiently. Spectrum occupancy surveys have been conducted for limited periods at different locations all over the world. The high cost of the equipment used to conduct those surveys has made it difficult to implement spectrum measurements in more places in a permanent fashion. This paper presents a low cost spectrum monitoring system based on a Dragonboard 410C, an embedded platform developed by Qalcomm®, an RTL-SDR 2832U, whose original purpose is being a digital TV receiver, and Python. The prototype performed as expected during spectrum measurements taken at different frequency bands.

Palabras clave

Porcentaje de ocupación de canal, Python, Radio definida por software, Sensado de espectro

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