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Using multi-criteria decision-making for selecting a smart metering infrastructure

Ricardo Andres Echeverri Martinez, Juan Carlos Osorio Gómez, Diego Fernando Echeverry Ibarra, Carlos Arturo Lozano Moncada


In this research a methodology based on multi-criteria
decision analysis for the evaluation and selection of
infrastructure energy smart metering in the Colombian context
is presented. The selection process of these measurement
infrastructures covers additional technical and financial criteria,
becoming a complex problem. The methodology used in this
work is the technique called Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)
that considers seven assessment criteria (Technology, Finance,
Environmental, Regulatory, Political, Infrastructure and SocioCultural).
Of these assessment criteria, emerge 25 sub-criteria,
which are integrated in a hierarchical structure to evaluate three
energy smart metering alternatives. Nine experts were consulted
to obtain the results. The results show the versatility of AHP
method for making complex decisions with respect to the
implementation of energy smart metering infrastructure, and
provide a useful guide for assessing Smart Grid projects through
multi-criteria analysis

Palabras clave

AHP, advantage infraestructure metering, analytic hierarchy process, decision making, multicriteria decisions, smart metering. I. IN

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