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Design of a charge regulator for application in an isolated micro grid with photovoltaic generation

Luís Miguel Gómez Paez, Wilmer Eduardo Guacaneme Muñoz, Andrés Felipe Rodriguez Benavides, Francisco Santamaría Piedrahita, Cesar Leonardo Trujillo Rodríguez


This paper presents the design of a charge regulator
operating in an isolated micro grid with photovoltaic generation.
The converter selected for this application is a SEPIC with a
MPPT algorithm for the cases in which the energy demand is
greater than the energy available. The algorithm is able to
modify its point of maximum power, in order to perform the
recharging and supply of power to the battery bank of the system
(isolated microgrid) and a group of charges set at a level of
determined of voltage. Finally, the results of the tests carried out
are presented and the conclusions are given.

Palabras clave

MPPT algorithm, SEPIC converter, micro grid, photovoltaic system.

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