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A methodology to automaton synthetize in ground autonomous navigation systems control

Jorge Luis Martínez Valencia, Mauricio Holguín Londoño, Germán Andrés Holguín Londoño


In this work we propose a methodology for the synthesis of automatons in autonomous ground navigation systems with a global task.  Our method is based on the design of automatons using regular grammars allowing for the generation of control policies for autonomous driving in a partially controlled environment where information is extracted using sensors.  Furthermore, we showcase the problems that arise when approaching this problem with traditional synthesis of finite non-deterministic automatons. Finally, in the results section, we present the validation of the proposed method with simulations using MATLAB© and the Toolbox for Virtual Reality (V-Realm Builder).

Palabras clave

Automatons, regular grammars, ground autonomous navigation, combinatorial explosion of states.

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