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Construction of a system of flow and temperature instrumentation on a porcine farm in the municipality of Marsella, Risaralda

Carlos Alberto Henao Baena, Luis Alberto González Santamaría, Mauricio Alexander Álvarez López


We present a local monitoring system of temperature
and caudal in a pig farm. The method consists of designing an
instrumentation and measurement system, this uses a wireless
sensor network (WSN) based on the ZigBee standard. The WSN
sends the gathered data to a server that stores the information in
a database with the purpose of consulting (local queries) at any
time the data that have been measured by the electronic devices.
The preliminary results show that the data we can be used to
infer behavior of the variables under study, besides the prototype
is scalable, efficient, that makes it easily adaptable to any pig

Palabras clave

Pig industry, Microcontroller, Wireless sensor network (WSN), ZigBee, XBee Pro S2.

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