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Analysis of mechanical properties of an Aluminum + MWCNT compound manufactured by FSP

Leonardo Bohorquez Santiago


The technique of Friction Stir Processing (FSP), can alter the microstructure of a metallic alloy generating a refinement of grain in the material by modifying it and closing porosity of previous processes, creating new crystallographic textures that may contribute to the magnetic performance material is different in comparison with the base material. This technique is considered appropriate for the introduction of agents that alter the mechanical and tribological properties, in this work was chosen as the reinforcing agent of Carbon Nanotubes Multilayer (MWCNT) that strengthen an aluminum alloy of an increment by the time in the industry. To analyze the change in the behavior of the material (Al+CNT) traction tests were carried out and scratched at room temperature.

Palabras clave

Agitation Friction Processing (FSP), Aluminum, Multi-layer carbon nanotubes (MWCNT), grated test, tensile test.

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