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Experimental study of the drying of sugar cane bagasse

Jorge Villalba Vidales, Nelson Arzola de la Peña


Optimizing biomass drying to improve combustion
processes is one of the main tools available to small and medium
agroindustrial producers in rural areas of Colombia to be
competitive. For this reason, the development of experimental
studies becomes a priority to improve the competitiveness of the
rural sector in Colombia. In this way this paper shows the
development of the experimental study of drying kinetic of
panelera’s sugar cane bagasse, as well as its contrast with
mathematical models used for the prediction of the drying kinetics.
The results obtained can be useful as a reference for the effective
design of sugarcane bagasse drying systems.

Palabras clave

biomass, drying kinetic, experimental model of drying, panela’s sector, sugarcane bagasse.

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