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Analysis and Interface Design for Arduino-based PLC connection with Allen Bradley PLC via Ethernet.

Guillermo Roberto Solarte Martinez


Abstract—. In this research, we propose the creation of an interface that allows the connection between PLC equipment from different manufacturers and software profit philosophy, on the one hand we have the industrial automation [1] giant Allen Bradley, who has a strong presence in our region, and has with a suite of proprietary software that increases its cost proportionally with its functionality, and on the other hand Industrial Shields, a company that has emerged in the search for low-cost equipment, sheltered by the apogee and boom of technology based on open source [2], which offers equipment with industrial support features, programmable in Open Source platforms; all this in order to take advantage of the infrastructure currently installed based on proprietary software for the capture of physical data and open the barriers of software limitations so that production data can be exported and displayed at the executive's level and pleasure, without thinking about acquiring software in the range of tens of millions of pesos but investing in knowledge taking advantage of the doors that open up when programming on free platforms open to the community of programmers multidisciplinary

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Keywords: Industrial Automation, Open Source, PLC, Arduino, SCADA, OPC Interface.

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