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New Concrete: Medium Strength Self-compacting Concrete in Colombia- Invention Patent (March 2019)

Claudia Jenny De La Cruz Morales


In civil construction, the need to seek greater durability in structures with a denser and more compact material, resistant to the attack of the environment and that demands a lower cost of maintenance and protection has promoted the development of Self Compacting Concrete (SCC) in the world. The results obtained with the use of SCC have been convincing for its use ratifying them as a new alternative that generates security, efficiency, speed, with ostensible improvements in the work environment and providing a significant economy in different ways, in the construction process. Hence the civil construction in Colombia requires the implementation of new efficient and sustainable technologies being the Medium-Low Resistance SCCs (SCC-MR) with resistence between 30MPa-45MPa) the first tool that guarantees a fluid concrete  no problems of segregation or exudation in fresh condition. These properties are determined in the laboratory and in situ. This material in Colombia, has been developed in the Laboratory of Structures of the Faculty of Mines of the National University of Colombia- Medellin with excellent results for the firm ACCIONA of Spain, Expo-Camacol in Colombia among others being found today, patented by the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce.

Palabras clave

self-compacting; exudation; fluidity; concrete; resistance; segregation.

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