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Influence of Temperature on the Development of a Flight Maneuver

Ricardo Otero-Caicedo, Zuleny Cuarán Cuarán Zuleny, wendy Fong, Rodolfo López, Maribel Marinez


It has been reported that the decrease in performance of airplane pilots, due to extreme work conditions, could lead to an accident occurring. The objective of this experimental study was to analyze the influence of temperature (21°C and 35°C) and the difficulty, in the time of performance of maneuvers and the impact on the pilots’ performance, using an STDD flight simulator. The 10 professional pilots tested had an average flight experience of 420 hours. The results obtained suggest the influence of temperature and the difficulty in the development time of the maneuvers. Even though the interaction term had a pvalue of 0.103, what was seen in the experiment suggest that the temperature has a greater impact when the maneuver is considered difficult.

Palabras clave

Airplane pilots, difficulty, flight simulator STDD, temperature.

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