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A Power Sharing Methodology Considering Wavelet Transform in a Residential Prosumer with a Hybrid Storage System

Andrés Escobar Mejía, Valentina Triviño Castañeda, Mauricio Holguin Londoño


Power systems have faced significant changes in recent years due to the integration of renewable energies in the power grid. Thanks to its multiple advantages, the so-called clean energies play an important role in the development of the electrical system, allowing the active participation of end users in electricity market. However, the intermittent nature of these sources has delayed their full integration into power systems; unless operated in conjunction with energy storage systems (e.g. batteries, ultracapacitors, etc.) to smooth out the generation and match the demand. This article presents a power sharing methodology for the exchange of energy between batteries and ultracapacitors in a photovoltaic installation. The case study comprises a hybrid energy storage system, on-site generation and a residential user, where both the load and generation profiles are analyzed using wavelet transform. The high- and low-frequency components of both profiles are used to calculate the energy that is injected into the energy storage system. Results show that by separating the components of the signal in high and low frequency it is possible to take advantage of the characteristics of each storage technology, extending its life cycle.

Palabras clave

Transformada Wavelet; sistemas de almaceniamiento de energía; manejo de la demanda

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