Respiratory Infections in Children Associated to Parainfluenza Virus Type 4

  • Crister José Ocadaque Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud, Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira (UTP), Pereira
  • Felipe Serra Campelo
  • Fernanda Edna Araújo Moura


Little is known about the role of certain viruses, such as parainfluenza virus type 4 (HPIV-4) in the etiology of respiratory infections. The objective of this study is to present preliminary data on respiratory infections associated with HPIV-4 in children living in the city of Fortaleza capital of the state of Ceará, Brazil. A set of 846 samples of nasopharyngeal aspirates collected during four years from children with acute respiratory infections were submitted to direct immunofluorescence for the detection of HPIV-4. Fifteen HPIV-4 were detected. Cases of the upper respiratory infections, bronchiolitis and pneumonia were associated to this virus. Further studies are needed to clarify the clinical significance of HPIV-4 infections.


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