Infectious Diseases, Social, Economic and Political Crises, Anthropogenic Disasters and Beyond: Venezuela 2019 – Implications for Public Health and Travel Medicine


  • José A. Suárez
  • Lolimar Carreño
  • Alberto E. Paniz-Mondolfi
  • Francisco J. Marco-Canosa
  • Héctor Freilij
  • Jorge A. Riera
  • Alejandro Risquez
  • Andrea G. Rodriguez-Morales
  • Evimar Hernández-Rincón
  • Jorge Alvarado-Socarras
  • Gustavo Contreras
  • Maritza Cabrera
  • Rosa M. Navas
  • Fredi Díaz-Quijano
  • Tamara Rosales
  • Rosa A. Barbella-Aponte
  • Wilmer E. Villamil-Gómez
  • Marietta Díaz
  • Yenddy Carrero
  • Anishmenia Pineda
  • Nereida Valero-Cedeño
  • Cesar Cuadra-Sánchez
  • Yohama Caraballo-Arias
  • Belkis J. Menoni-Blanco
  • Giovanni Provenza
  • Jesús E. Robles
  • María Triolo-Mieses
  • Eduardo Savio-Larriera
  • Sergio Cimerman
  • Ricardo J. Bello
  • Carlos Franco-Paredes
  • Juliana Buitrago
  • Marlen Martinez-Gutierrez
  • Julio Maquera-Afaray
  • Marco A. Solarte-Portilla
  • Sebastián Hernández-Botero
  • Krisell Contreras
  • Jaime A. Cardona-Ospina
  • D. Katterine Bonilla-Aldana
  • Alfonso J. Rodriguez-Morales


During last months, there have been a significant increase in the evidences showing the catastrophic health situation in Venezuela. There are multiple epidemics, increase in emerging and reemerging infectious, tropical and parasitic diseases as consequences of the social, economic and political crises, which would be considered today a clearly anthropogenic disaster. Venezuela is facing in 2019, the worse sanitary conditions, with multiple implications for public health and travel medicine. So far, from a global perspective, this situation will be an impediment for the achievement of the sustainable development goals (SDG) in 2030. In this multiauthor review, there is a comprehensive analysis of the situation for infectious diseases, non-communicable diseases, their impact in the Americas region, given the migration crisis as well as the comparative status of the SDG 2030. This discussion can provide input for prioritizing emerging health problems and establish a future agenda.


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