A new horizon for the Pan-American Association of Infectious Diseases (API) Journal

  • Alfonso J. Rodriguez-Morales


The life of a journal in Latin America is a complex challenge, for editors, reviewers, authors and the owners of the journal [1,2]. During the last year (2017-2018), the Pan-American Association of Infectious Diseases (Asociación Panamericana de Infectología, API), has been trying to mark a new horizon for its journal, formerly called Revista Panamericana de Infectología, now called Pan-American Journal of Infectious Diseases (Revista Panamericana de Enfermedades Infecciosas). We are in the process of improvement of the journal, including new human resources, people with editorial experience and implementing new processes, such as ahead publishing online in a new editorial management platform, as part of agreements and cooperation (http://apolo.utp.edu.co/ojs-revistas-utp/index.php/panamericana/) [3] with Universidad Tecnologica de Pereira, Colombia. The long way to comprehensive indexations is complex, but we expect the help and support of multiple partners on the road [4-7]. The executive board of API is trusting on a new team of renewed people that are currently leading this process, which expect in a short time, update the journal, being on multiple bibliographical indexes and serve as the main scientific journal of infectious diseases for many societies in Latin America that are part of API. An official relaunching of the journal will be during the Andean Meeting of API, in Lima, Peru, September 14, 2018, where this will be presenting, opening a new space for massive submissions of interested researchers and ID clinicians in the region. In the first issue we have interesting manuscripts about arboviral diseases, zoonotic diseases, influenza and parainfluenza, fungal diseases, among other. We expect to increase the number of contribution of students and fellows interested on infectious diseases [7], as well of world-recognized leaders in the field, especially because our journal, as this Editorial does, is moving to English publication. Please consider to submit anything to our journal, we are receiving original articles, review articles, case reports, clinical images, letters to the editor, among other potential type of manuscripts. With the OJS system we are now expediting the editorial process for the manuscript in order to move faster than in the past. Thanks again for the trust, and let’s work on this new journal!


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