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Thermal study of lacrimal function in eye human surface using infrared thermography

Luis Enrique Llamosa Rincón, Jeimy Melissa Jaime Díaz, MARINEY RODRÍGUEZ RENGIFO


The human eye has been the center of many studies at thermographic level, has little blood supply, which allows to demonstrate that the change of temperature in the ocular surface can be an important indicator for the diagnosis of different pathologies. In this study, a methodology was designed and implemented by means of which the influence of human lachrymal function on the ocular surface (cornea) was analyzed at thermal level, using infra-red thermography in a sample of 40 people without ocular pathologies (20 men - 20 women between 18 and 28 years of age). It is shown that the tear function has a thermal effect which can be described by the rate of decrease of the corneal temperature in the blinking exercise; it is demonstrated that this thermal effect is similar for men and women and can be converted into a quantitative type base for the study and diagnosis of ocular pathologies such as dry eye syndrome (SOS) in which the tear function is severely affected.

Palabras clave

Thermography, ocular surface, thermal characterization, lacrimal function.

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