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Design of a fatigue test bench in rotary flexion to evaluate the behavior to cyclical loads

Oscar Javier Araque de los Rios, Santiago Quintana Avila


The development of this article shows the process of design, construction and start-up of a fatigue machine in rotary flexion. Fatigue is a subject of considerable relevance and requires adequate equipment for its study, therefore it is sought to contribute to educational and research growth through the development of a functional fatigue machine and where a variety of materials can be studied. The main results were the development of a machine that can carry out a totally inverted stress of 977 Mpa, therefore it can arrive to study steels of high resistance. This machine follows the standards of the normative ASTM E-466 regarding the dimensions of the test specimen. The design of the machine is divided into 3 systems, mechanical system, electrical system and electronic system. When joining these systems obtained a functional and autonomous machine where can make serious and reliable investigations.

Palabras clave

Fatiga, flexión rotativa, diseño mecánico, norma ASTM E-466.

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