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Water Production Rate in Comets

Pedro Ignacio Deaza Rincon


In the atmosphere or coma of a comet, the
dissociation of water gives the OH radical, that is
detectable by radioastronomical methods. Analyzing
the spectral emission line of 18 centimeters,
corresponding to the hydroxyl OH, can be deduced its
rate of production, and, consequently, is possible infer
the rate of water production. The results of the
measurements carried in France with the Nancay radio
telescope, in Puerto Rico with the Arecibo Radio
Telescope, in Hawaii with the J. C Maxwell telescope
and in Chile with ALMA radiotelescope, are allowing
currently trying to build unified models of evolution
and activity cometary.

Palabras clave

Comets, nucleus, sublimation, emission, line, radioastronomy

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