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Determination of the improvement of Learning in Linear Kinematic by using Graphics Methods with Engineeringcareers Students at the University of Caldas

Jorge Abel Castañeda, Luis Hernando Carmona Ramírez, Fernando Mesa


It is quite important to urge teachers to rethink their way of orienting the subjects, specifically physics and, within this, the concept of Kinematics; to do this, there are tools that bring in the teaching and learning process, to achieve that often seem abstract concepts become concrete, and make topics easy to understand for students. This research was carried out at the University of Caldas and aimed to design a methodology for teaching Linear Kinematics, supported by elements of geometry. Starting from the design and application of an instrument to identify previous ideas and epistemological difficulties that students have when studying Kinematics, the graphic method was designed and applied, so then the activities which determined the gain in the learning of the students of Nourishment Engineering and Systems Engineering were evaluated through the calculation of the Hake Factor.

Palabras clave

Cinemática lineal, enseñanza, aprendizaje, Geometría, factor de Hake.

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