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Advances in the implementation of a model in Competencies for the teaching and learning of Basic Sciences in engineering

William Becerrra Salamanca, Norma Constanza Sarmiento Benavides, Luz Denny Romero Mejía, Ana Patricia Martinez González


Competency-based approaches are the subject of ongoing discussion at the university level and, to date, no consensus has been reached on the subject. In Colombia, the Ministry of National Education established that curricula should be oriented by competencies. In this sense, a group of Basic Sciences professors of the UMNG, within the framework of a research project presents a proposal for the implementation of a competency-based model, specifically aimed at improving the teaching of basic sciences to ensure that students acquire more effective learning. In this article, the essential characteristics of the proposal are presented, the instruments used during the Pilot Test are shown, the difficulties encountered in the process are described and alternatives are proposed to fine-tune future approaches understanding that the discussion on the Competences is complex and follows open

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Teaching and Learning of Science, Competence development, Conceptual Domains, Rubrics

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