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Implementation of a Distribution Static Compensator D-STATCOM: Hardware and Firmware Description

José Robinson Ortiz Castrillón, Santiago Benavides Córdoba, Juan Bernardo Cano Quintero, Nicolás Muñoz Galeano, Jesus Maria Lopez Lezama


This paper describes the implementation of a distribution static power compensator (D-STATCOM) for reactive compensation in electric distribution networks. A three-phase inverter of six pulses with two levels was developed. Hardware implementation of different stages (sensors, power switching, passive elements, and processor) is fully described. Firmware that allows D-STATCOM operation was implemented on a TMS3202F DSP (Texas Instruments) using a modular approach. Correct operation of the D-STATCOM prototype is verified with experimental results.

Palabras clave

Digital processing; DSP; D-STATCOM; Microcontroller; Power Electronics.

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