Breakthrough and thermodynamic adsorption of Cr (VI) y Ni (II) bioadsorption in continuous system

Palabras clave: Lignocellulosic biomass, Adsorption, heavy metals, fixed bed, plantain peels


The removal of heavy metals present in water is an issue of environmental interest, due to bioaccumulation, biomagnification and the carcinogenic and mutagenic effects on living beings. The objective of the present study was to use plantain peel residues in Chromium (VI) and Nickel (II) removal in continuous system, evaluating the effect of bed height, temperature and adsorbent particle size on the process; obtaining a 98.7% 99.71% removal yield for Cr (VI) and Ni (II), respectively. The FTIR showed that the bioadsorbent has a heterogeneous structure with the presence of hydroxyl groups, saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons, carbonyls, carboxyl, among others, and it was established that the process is controlled by electrostatic reactions between the active centers and the metal. The breakage curve was carried out under the optimal conditions established by the Response Surface Methodology (RSM) and it was established that the bioadsorbent has an extensive useful life, as it was not saturated throughout the process. The thermodynamic parameters established that the process is exothermic and irreversible, being favored at room temperature. Taking into account the behavior of plantain peels during the breakage curve, it is recommended to use it as a filler in a packed bed to remove Cr (VI) and Ni (II).


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Candelaria Nahir Tejada Tovar, Universidad de Cartagena
M.Sc. en Ingeniería Ambiental, Ingeniera Química, Docente titular e investigadora del Grupo de Investigación en Diseño de procesos y Aprovechamiento de Biomasas (IDAB) de la Facultad de Ingeniería, Programa de Ingeniería Química, Universidaqd de Cartagena.
Luis Carlos Newball López, Universidad de Cartagena
Ingeniero Químico
Camilo Esteban Cardona Lara, Universidad de Cartagena
Ingeniero Químico.
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Tejada Tovar, C., Newball López, L., & Cardona Lara, C. (2021). Breakthrough and thermodynamic adsorption of Cr (VI) y Ni (II) bioadsorption in continuous system. Scientia Et Technica, 26(1), 72-81.
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