Optimal sizing of a grid-connected microgrid and operation validation using HOMER Pro and DIgSILENT

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Microgrids planning methodology, Microgrids operation, HOMER Pro, DIgSILENT


Microgrids adoption around all world is increasing with different aims as to integrate renewable generation, providing energy to rural zones, reducing CO2 emissions, or simply as an alternative for energy independence. However, the planning and operation of microgrids can be a challenging task because it involves many economical, technical, environmental aspects. This work presents a methodology for planning and validating a grid-connected microgrid using two well-known software that facilitates the design. The planning process is performed in HOMER Pro to size and select appropriate generation sources, while the possible implementation on a real distribution network is validated in DigSILENT. Numerical results show the optimal sizing process of a grid-connected microgrid for a university campus based on real data and the technical validation based on Colombian regulatory aspects.


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